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Trust your job to the professional boring contractors in NSW

Cost effective drilling and boring by experienced professionals.

Whatever the nature of the job, from Rock Drilling,Micro Piling, Rock Bolting,Soil Nailing,Permanent and Temporary Achoring,Earth Holes  or any other ground work, our expert drilling and boring contractors can help you.

Our professional boring contractors in NSW are fast, efficient and have a high regard for safety.

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Based in NSW, Drillrock Pty Ltd offers a full range of drilling and boring services. Talk to us about:

  • Construction and Mining
  • Road Works
  • Wind Farms
  • Other ground work projects

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With over 30 years of Drilling Experience.Our team are the experts for boring and drilling. We are a team of professional boring contractors in NSW who are geared to provide quality service, whatever the job.

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, dependable and cost effective service for any business or individual need.